We often hear environmentalists alarming about the high carbon footprint and the climate change. But exactly what does this mean and what impact do we make when designing interiors? Well, any action of man, industry or organization, whether involving production, services or other activities (mass events, cultural events, etc.) directly or indirectly generates greenhouse gases. For simplicity, such emissions are converted into the amount of carbon dioxide produced, the so-called CO2 equivalent. So, be it a steel mill producing metal, a ship transporting bananas from continent to continent, or us furnishing a flat or building a house, there is always a CO2 ‘equivalent’ produced.  Its volume depends on the composition of the products, production processes, supply chain, etc. Determining the carbon footprint of, for example, a house or a flat is the coming future for the world, which will have to take action to defend the climate. On the other hand, however, it is already an everyday reality for people to whom the environment and the future of their children is particularly dear and important. An environmentalist is not only someone who protests against the felling of a primeval forest, but it is each of us who, for example, design our world based on principles of respect for the environment. Our comprehensive interior design and finishing services also involve calculating the carbon footprint of the entire project, which is confirmed by a certificate. In this way, our clients are protecting the environment for future generations starting today.

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