Interior design of Surfingdream Apartment
in Croatia

“SurfingDream…. dream about surfing, about chillout, about happy life. I want to be there and never come back… “

The project is a modern reference to Surfers culture, a phenomenon that to this day is associated with freedom, self-expression and a

the love of peace. A culture that was born on beaches and still exerts its influence on fashion, music, literature and film.

The apartment is located in the Croatian resort of Novalja, and one of the elements referring to surfing are its living room and dining room lamps, designed by Tomek Andrzej Rudkiewicz. The color scheme of the furniture is reminiscent of light plywood, but set in a modern black color scheme of frames and finishes. The Mediterranean atmosphere is emphasised by sunny decor contrasted with aubergine-colored elements.

The material used for soft furnishings is a high-quality, dirt- and friction-resistant fabric, used in hotels. The armchairs, MISHELL bar stools designed by Piotr Kuchciński, produced by NOTI, are finished with Main Line Flax 17 and 40 FARGOTEX. The chests of drawers, bedside tables, TV cabinets and console come from Maxliving. The kitchen is designed to provide comfort without the need to stay there for long. The vintage SMEG fridge is the only place you need to return to, because it always holds some goodies for the surfers…

Bedrooms with Maxliving’s king-size Hygee beds will comfortably lull you to sleep after an adventurous day and night. The whole look is complemented by stylized surfing details from the SznurWiór studio.

Fot. Bartosz Słomiński

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