The first step of our cooperation is to learn about your needs, tastes and preferences. This is done through an online questionnaire completed by the client, which gives us an idea of your range of aesthetics, expectations, preferred trends, favorite color scheme.   

Once we know your expectations, we are ready to meet you and discuss in detail the scope of the future project, the character of the interior, its color scheme and style. This is when we build a space to reflect on the formula and scope of our cooperation.

AT the meeting we also take an inventory of the rooms to be designed.



In fact, 2 or 3 concepts of the functional layout in a 2D format, because this is what we usually prepare, letting you choose what you find the most suitable. The concept design consists primarily of a scaled functional layout of the furniture, lighting and other major features.  



Based on the accepted functional layout , we prepare a 3D visualization, which allows you to see the designed space and the chosen solutions, as if in real life.



The final step in our design work is preparing a set of technical drawings necessary for the implementation of the project, including:

  • lighting layout,
  • electrical layout,
  • plumbing layout,
  • custom-built furniture,
  • layout of floor finishing – arrangement of tiles,
  • suspended ceilings

The design is complemented with a detailed list of items (furniture pieces, tiles, lighting, carpets, household appliances, design accessories, etc.).



The market for contracting and finishing work is extremely diverse, and just as the quality of workmanship varies, so do the prices. But how to check if a contractor offers a reasonable price? For this purpose, we need a document prepared by an authorized cost estimator – the Investor’s Cost Estimate. Along with it we prepare a Bill of Quantities (BOQ), which is a document specifying all the works that need to be performed, but without their cost. The specification is made available to potential contractors so that their pricing is precise and does not include cost-generating “additional works”.



Functional concept approved and completed, contractor selected – in other words, we are getting closer to realizing the project of our dreams. What else can we do to ensure that everything goes according to plan? Well, we can ensure that the contractor implements the designer’s and investor’s vision as expected. This is where author’s supervision comes to play.

Offering author’s supervision services we support our clients providing ongoing verification of the contractor’s work in relation to the interior design. Author’s supervision concerns all executive elements of project implementation such as: construction and finishing materials, cladding, paints, plumbing fixtures, furniture, etc.

The “turnkey” option includes the most comprehensive form author’s supervision, where we complete take over the supervision of the works, making sure that the end-product complies with the functional design. In this scenario, we hold meeting with the contractors on-site, answer their questions as regards the consistency of the workmanship with the design and address any unforeseen technical issues at the design level. 


One of the biggest challenges for any investor is to find a Contractor who will deliver the project according to our expectations, to the right standard and at an affordable price.

It sometimes proves to be impossible and requires a painful compromise between the quality and price, time and quality, etc.

Our experience in interior design projects has allowed us to select a group of professionals than can satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Thus, once we prepare a functional project for our client, we offer a comprehensive interior finishing service. It is our deep conviction that even the best design without the best execution will remain only an unfulfilled dream.

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